Since the 19th century

Milestone 1915; It was built in 1898 as the Canned Fish Factory on the Çanakkale Strait, at the entrance of the city of Gallipoli. This structure, right on the shore of the sea, was established in 1975-1985 between the years 1989-1985; From 1985 to 1996, it was used as Ekmar Icehouse. The building, which was used as a warehouse from 1996 to 2000, could not withstand the harsh effects of time after this date.
Milestone 1915, has been restored in accordance with the original today, such a historical texture and the past is rising on.

Be the witness to history

1. Touching the History
To understand how a historic building is transformed into a modern, luxurious and comfortable building; before this history is written, need to experience one of the most beautiful and brave city Gallipoli of Anatolia.
2. Feeling the Sea and Bosphorus
Dream a mansion on the shore. Get a Bosphorus view. When you wake up in the morning, feel the fresh sea air, let your face cheer you up Have a comfortable and peaceful time with your loved ones. Be inspired by the light of each windows with unique architecture.
3. Respecting the past
Successful architects restored every detail of the building. The hotel reach your pleased moments...
4. Reaching to unique story
Milestone 1915 is a historical and cultural part of Gallipoli. Our Unique hotel built with the sensitivity of German engineering, using modern technology and qualified materials. Our restoration and construction works lasted approximately 20 months.